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Lester B. Pearson School Board

Location: Quebec

Through innovative pedagogy, immersive learning experiences, a board-wide mission of lifelong learning, and engagement with Montreal’s multicultural community, LBPSB successfully implements its educational mission to over 25,000 students across 37 elementary schools, 13 high schools, and 10 adult/vocational centres.

LBPSB has the highest 5-year graduation rate in the province. This achievement is the result of student-focused teaching philosophy; where their dedicated teachers, administrators, and staff foster students’ academic and personal interests while providing support throughout their educational path. LBPSB is guided by 3 core values: Achievement, Wellness, and Engagement

Achievement — They offer an array of programs and courses in the Youth and Vocational sectors, capturing a variety of core competencies and learning outcomes. Technology, language reinforcement, and focused teacher attention are heavily integrated to enhance student engagement and real-world readiness.

Wellness — Maintaining physical, emotional, and mental wellness is the key to student engagement and success. LBPSB organizes and promotes wellness and social integration activities during and outside of school hours.

Engagement — Montreal is a rich multicultural mosaic; bursting with activity. LBPSB prides itself in partnering with various communities and encourages students to bask in Montreal’s world-class festivals and events. By participating in such events, a global community of learning is achieved, where students’ cultural backgrounds are recognized and celebrated throughout the LBPSB community.


Elementary School: 36
Secondary School: 13
Centres: 8

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School Type:
K-12 (Public)
School Program:
Elementary Upgrading (Adult School) Secondary school
1925 Brookdale Ave. Dorval, Quebec Canada H9P 2Y7

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