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Algonquin College

Location: Ontario

Every year over 1,000 international students enroll at Algonquin from more than 100 countries. Ask them why they chose Algonquin College and they’ll be quick to tell you it’s because of the real-world skills and experience they gain. Algonquin’s dedicated instructors have extensive industry experience and offer courses designed with the latest industry requirements in mind. By the time Algonquin’s students graduate, they’re ready to take on the work world and sought by employers in every field.



Auto Body Repairer
Automotive Service Technician (Apprenticeship)
Automotive Service (GM-ASEP)
Commercial Vehicle and Equipment
Cook (Apprenticeship)
Electrician (Construction and Maintenance)
General Carpenter (in Ottawa)
General Carpenter (in Pembroke)
Horticultural Technician
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic \
Residential (Low rise) Sheet Metal Installer
Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic
Sheet Metal Worker
Truck and Coach Technician

Arts and Design

Applied Museum Studies
Bachelor of Information Technology (Interactive Media Development)(Co-op)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Interactive Media Development)(Co-op)
Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)(Bridging)(Co-op)
Creative Arts
Creative Writing (Online)
Digital Music Production
Digital Video Post-Production
Game Development
General Arts and Sciences-Concept Art Foundations
General Arts and Science-Design Studies
General Arts and Science-Introduction to Fine Art
General Arts and Science-Pre-Animation and Illustration
Graphic Design
Illustration and Concept Art
Interactive Media Design (Co-op Option)
Interactive Media Management
Interdisciplinary Studies in Human-Centres Design Studies (Co-op Option)
Interior Decorating
Learning Analytics (Online)
Mobile and Web User Experience Design
Photography techniques
Residential Decor
Social Media Compliance Management (Online)
Social Media (Online)


Accounting and Finance Practice
Accounting (Online)
Advertising and Marketing Communications Management
Applied Management (Online)
Bachelor of Commerce (E-supply Chain Management)(Co-op)
Bookkeeping and Accounting Practices
Bookkeeping (Online)
Brand Management
Business(Co-op option)
Business-Accounting (Online)
Business-Accounting (Online)
Business-Management and Entrepreneurship
Business-Marketing (Year 1)
Business-Marketing (Year 1)
Business Administration(Core)
Business Administration (Online)
Business Administration (Online)
Business Analysis Studies
Business Fundamentals (In Ottawa)
Business Fundamentals (in Perth)
Business Fundamentals (Online)
Business Fundamentals (Online)
Business (Online)
Business (Online)
Client Relations (Online)
E-Business Management (Online)
Financial Service
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation (Online)
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation (Online)
Fundraising Management (Online)
General Arts and Science-Pre-Business Studies
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management Studies (Online)
Human Resources Management (Online)
Human Resources Management (Online)
International Business Management
Labour Relations (Online)
Leadership Development Series (Online)
Marketing Management
Marketing Research and Business Intelligence
Military Arts and Science (Online)
Nonprofit Sector Management
Office Administration-Executive
Office Administration-Executive
Office Administration-Executive(Online)
Office Administration-Executive(Online)
Office Administration-General
Office Administration-General (Online)
Office Administration-General (Online)
Office Administration-Health Services
Office Administration-Legal
Project Management
Project Managemen Studies (Online)
Property Management Foundations (Online)
Retirement Communities Management
Small Business Accounting (Online)
Sport Business Management
Supply Chain Management

Community and Social Services

Archives and Records Management
Autism and Bahavioural Science (Online)
Autism and Bahavioural Science (Online)
Autism Studies
Bachelor of Early Learning Community Development
Child and Youth Care
Child and Youth Care (Year 1)(Online)
Child and Youth (Year 1)(Online)
Conflict Management
Contemporary Educational Practices
Crisis Management/Human Psychology
Development Services Worker
Early Childhood Education (In Ottawa)
Early Childhood Education (in Pembroke)
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education (Intensive)
Early Childhood Education Administration (Online)
Early Childhood Education (Online)
Early Childhood Education (Online)
Educational Technology Applications (Online)
Fitness and Health Promotion (Online)
Fitness and Health Promotion (Online)
Fitness and Lifestyle Management
Fitness and Lifestyle Management (Online)
General Arts and Science-Aboriginal Studies
General Arts and Science-Community Studies
Library and Information Technician
Online Learning Design and Delivery
Pathways to Indigenous Empowerment-Preparation
Social Service Worker
Social Service Worker
Social Service Worker (Intensive)
Strength and Conditioning Training (Online)
Sustainability Education (Online)
Teachers and Trainers of Adults (Online)
Teaching Adult Lifelong Learners
Victimology (Online)

Computers and Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Resource Management)(Co-op)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Photonics and Laser Technology)(Co-op)
Bachelor of Information Technology-Network Technology (Co-op)
Business Intelligence System Infrastructure (Co-op Option)
Cisco Networking Administration
Computer Engineering Technology-Computing Science (Co-op Option)
Computer Information Systems
Computer Programmer
Computer Programmer (Co-op)
Computer Systems Technician (Co-op Option)
Computer Systems Technician (Co-op and Regular Options)
Computer Systems Technology-Security (Additional Year to the Computer Systems Technician Program)
Digital Analytics
General Arts and Science-Pre-Technology
Geographic Information Systems (Co-op)
Information Technology Support
Internet Applications and Web Development (Co-op Option)
Library and Information Technician
Mobile Application Design and Development
Regulatory Affairs-Sciences (Online)
Regulatory Affairs-Sciences (Online)
Technical Writer (Online)
Technical Writer (Online)

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Engineering and Architecture

Architectural Technician (Co-op and Regular Options)
Architectural Technician (Weekend)
Architectural Technology (Co-op)
Bachelor of Automation and Robotics (Honours)(Co-op)
Bachelor of Building Science (Honours)(2-year Bridging)(Co-op)
Bachelor of Building Science (Honours)(3-year Bridging)(CO-op)
Bachelor of Building Science (Honours)(Co-op)
Building Automation System Operations
Building Information Modeling-Lifecycle Management
Civil Engineering Technology (Co-op Option)
Construction Engineering Technician (Co-op and Regular options)
Construction Engineering Technician (Weekend)(Co-op Option)
Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op Options)
Electrical Engineering Technician (Co-op Options)
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician
Energy Management (Co-op and Regular options)
Green Architecture
Manufacturing Engineering Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technology(Co-op Option)

Environmental Science

Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety (Co-op)
Biotechnology-Advanced (Co-op Option)
Environmental Management and Assesment
Environmental Technician (Co-op)
Foresty Technician
General Arts and Science-Environmental Studies
Regulatory Affairs-Sciences (Co-op)
Urban Forestry-Arboriculture
Water and Wastewater Technician


Academic and Career Entrance

Health Sciences

Academic Pathway for Movement from Ontaria College Diploma in Practical Nursing to BScN
Academic Pathway for Personal Support Worker to Practical Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
cardiovascular Technology
care Coordinationa Fundamentals
Clinically Intensive Orientation to Nursing in Ontario
Dental Assisting (levls 1 and 2)
Dental Assisting Level 2 for Dental Assistants
Dental Hygiene
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Digital Health
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy (Intensive)
Medical Device Reprocessing
Medical radiation Technology
Medical Transcription
Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant
Orientation to Nursing in Ontario for Nurses
Orientation to Nursing in Ontario for Practical Nurses
Personal Support Worker
Practical Nursing
Practical Nurising (Certificate to Diploma)
Practical Nursing-FTN (Foreign-Trained Nurse)
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advances Diplomas to Degrees
Registered Nurse-Critical Care Nursing
Registered Nurse-Perinatal Nursing
Registered Nurse- Perioperative Nursing
Registered Practical Nurse-Operating Room
Respiratory Therapy
Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Technician
Working with Dementia Clients-Multidiscipline (Online)

Hospitality, Tourism and Wellness

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (5-Term Bridging)(Honours)(Co-op)
Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours)(Co-op)
Baking and Pastry Arts
Baking and Pastry Arts Management
Culinary Management
Culinary Skills
Event Management
Food and Nutrition Management
Food Service Worker
Hospitality-Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management
Spa and Wellness Operations Management
Tourism-Travel Services
Wine Appreciation (Formerly Sommelier Fundamentals)


English for Academic Purposes for International Students
General Arts and Sciences-English for Academic Purpose
Pre-English for Academic Purpose
Teachers of English as a Foreign Language-International
Teachers of English as a Secound/Foreign Language-Full-time Program
Teachers of English as a Secound/Foreign Language

Media and Communications

General Arts and Science
General Arts and Science-Introduction to Music Industry Arts
General Arts and Science-Media and Communications Studies
General Arts and Science
Music Industry Arts
Peforming Arts
Prifessional Writing
Public Relations
Technical Writer (Co-op)

Public Safety and Legl Studies

Advanced Care Paramedic
Bachelor of Public Safety (Honours)(Co-op)
Community and Justice Services
Community and Justice Services (Year 1)(Online)
Emergency Management (Online)
General Arts and Sciences-Justice Studies
Law Clerk
Law Clerk (Intensive)
Occupational Safety and Health: Fire Code Administration
Occupational Safety and Health
Police Foundations
Police Foundations (Online)
Pre-Service Firefigher Education and Training
Public and Private Investigation

Skilled Trades

Building Construction Technician (Co-op)
Building Environmental Systems Operator Class 1
Building Environmental Systems Operator Class 2
Cabinetmaking and Furniture Technician (Co-op)
Carpentry and Joinnery-Heritage
Carepntry and Renovation Techiques
Commercial Estimating (Online)
Computer Aided Design and Drafting (formerly Auto CAD)
Construction Management (Online)
Construction Project Management (Online)
Gas Technician 2
Gas Technician 3
General Arts and Science-Pre Trades
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
Home Inspection
Horticultural Industries (Co-op)
Mechanical Techniques-Plumbing
Powerline Technician (Co-op)
Trades Entrpreneurship (Online)
Trades Leadership (Online)
Trades Management (Online)
Welding and Fabriction Techniques (Co-op)
Welding and Fabriction Techniques (Weekend)
Woodworking Techniques

Sports and Recreation

Action Sports Parks Development
Fitness and Health Promotion
Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor Adventure Naturalist (Co-op)
Recreation and Leisure Service

Transportation and Automotive

Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Aviation Management-General Arts and Science
Motive Power Technician
Motive Power Technician-Diesel Equipment and Truck

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All Programs Business Sociology Economics
1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2G 1V8

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